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The Hevi-Shiner is a Flourescent, bendable, flutter Jig that comes 2 to a pack. You get one 1/4oz jig and one 1/2oz jig. They come without hooks because fisherman’s preferences on hook configuration is about 50/50 between treble hooks and single hooks. This way you can put your favorite hook on the jig. When you bend the jig you will get a different action on it. The E-Z body cover holds scents long term which other hard jigs (metal,plastic) quickly lose. When using a black light, hit the jig for only 10 -15 seconds to get it to glow. If you are using a regular flashlight, hit the lure about 1- 2 minutes to make it glow. We recommend this lure for jigging, ice fishing and night fishing.

Minowfly Hevi-Shiner Glow

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