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This is the new Steelhead/Salmon/Trout Lure. This has a soft bead that has the hook already installed so all you have to do is tie on and start casting. And with the E-Z Body cover, this bead also holds scents, including crushed fresh roe! There is non of the mess like with tied fresh roe. With some other roe sacs on the market, when you have a hit or hook a fish or hang up, the bead is gone and a new bead/egg must be installed. This also takes time and effort. With the Roe Sac, if you miss the fish, the lure can continue a drift or be immediately re-cast. You don’t lose it. A big deal for the fisherman who has maybe one day a week to fish. From a drift standpoint, the buoyancy is slightly less than neutral. If fished without any weight, it just bumps along the bottom in med-speed water. Hardware fisherman in general seem to prefer more weight added and each has his own system. For Fly Fishermen, it’s good by itself. The hook used for this lure is a VMC new-development hook and it is primo! Short shank-extremely sharp with a small barb for easy penetration, little damage & easy removal.

River-Drift Roe-Sac

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