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The Quik Runner is a shape changing baitfish. This lure will bend in any direction. It has a compressible body. Minnow Fly’s “Motion Wire” Technology lets you experiment with shape which fine-tunes troll or retrieve action into movement that suddenly turns fish on!!! Hint: Make small adjustments and alter direction of bend. Slight or moderate shape change will alter trolling or casting action sometimes dramatically! An Arch Bend creates the so-called death-roll of hand tied whole baitfish rigs! The Quik Runner Lure will catch virtually all fresh water and salt water species. There is no single right way or wrong way to fish this lure. It weighs a ¼ of an oz. and because of the texture of the body, different scents can be applied to it. Also the hooks on this lure are interchangeable and replaceable. It comes in a Fresh Water version and a Salt water version. The only difference being a larger hook on the Salt Water version.

The Minnow Fly Quik Runner Lure

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