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The Needlefish is another amazing lure produced by The Minnowfly Company. It is their #1 lure in Alaska. The primary target there is Salmon (all species) but lots of by-catch species. Recommendation is to troll 3” behind a 14” flasher. Almost exclusive preference (by Alaska guides) is the color cobalt blue and dark olive colors. We also have it in silver grey and amber. This lure is bendable and the hook is replaceable. We use VMC hooks on this lure. Bending the lure will modify the retrieve or trolling action on it. It’s soft absorbent foam body holds scents long term. Many of the guides in Alaska just throw these lures in the bait box on their way to the fishing grounds. This lure fishes equal or better than fresh tied bait-probably because it’s always in the water. We feel this would be a great bait for Stripers on the east coast. Fishermen there use needlefish lures made out of wood, plastic and metal. And the needlefish lure made out of these materials is one of the top 8-10 striper lures used on the east coast. We feel that our Needlefish lure with it’s soft, flexible, bendable body is equal to some of the best.

The Needlefish

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